Far too many

Hi everybody!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a long time.

Since my last post, when Cata went OTRB, many members of the Bug Club and pals have gone OTRB 🌈. We want to remember them and send love to their families. They will be in our hearts forever♥️.


Ezra and JC


Darby and Holly

Sally and Bertie









Auntie K

A great beagle mom, she rescued beagles and run the beagle field.


I´m sorry, I have only posted about pups that have gone OTRB lately. I didn´t want to write this post, but it wouldn´t be fair to my beautiful girl. She crossed the rainbow bridge last Friday, 6th August, a month after vet told us that she had cancer.

She was a character, as any other beagle, and I chose pics to represent her life. I’m sorry if there are too many pics and not many words but I just can’t write much right now, and probably won’t post anything in the future, since I’m not a beagle mom anymore😢.

These pics are from the day after she got home, 6th November 2011. It’s a long story, I already have met her mom in our neighborhood. I knew she was moving to Canada, they lived in Chile and she wasn’t sure she could take Cata with her. They were on holidays here when I met them. Six or eight months later she knocked at the door of my house at 11 p.m. crying and asking me to adopt Cata. Her sister was supposed to keep her but she wasn’t a dog person and Cata was a diva. Of couse I said yes.

The beginning was crazy, Cata got pregnat a week after she got home, her babies died, except for Pruny. Cata had 4 surgeries because she had a bad cesarean section. But I want everybody to remember her best part of her. These are the highlights of her life:

The stinky eye

The babies

The story of her babies began with a Winnie Pooh that Pruny had, but I think I already told that story. She took them everywhere, and never destroyed one.

Enjoying adventures (with selective deafness)

Posing for pawparazzies

With the family


Fluffiness (fluffy not fat)

Rolling and pondering

She enjoyed being alone and she sat on the grass for a long time pondering everyday.

Run free my sweetie🌈😭🐞

Angel JJ😇

JJ was a fluffy happy boy who lived in Kentucky, USA. Sadly he crossed the bridge on his gotcha day, 4th June.

He was a great brother, he had beagle sisters, first Cubby loved him and then, Miss Dixie.

He will be deeply missed 😔. We send hugs to his family♥️. Run free sweet boy 🌈.

In memory of Uncle Poly

Our dear #TwitterPack made something lovely for us, in memory of Poly. They decided to donate to their favorite doggy charity in his memory.

Charities from Australia, Thailand, Germany, UK, Japan, Canada and USA were chosen.


On 30th May all the pics were posted at the same time with the hashtag #UnclePoly.

More 40 donations were made. We are so glad to know that many pups in need were helped♥️. Poly would have proud ears.

I’m grateful for all the donations and the time spent taking the pics, I know well it’s not easy, I hope many treats were involved 😉.

I’m sorry I was late to the tribute😔. If I missed a tweet or a pic please forgive me, and let me know to add your pic here. Not all posts are shown on Twitter😕.

Finally I want to thank for your messages and presents, including this collage. ♥️🐞

Angel Poly

Apolo was born on 24th December 2007. He lived in Chile with his family until he was 2 years old. His parents divorced and each of them moved to an apparment, he was left at home with the lady who cleaned the house until he house were sold. This lady wasn´t nice at all, and she abused him. She left him alone while she visited her family in another country. My mom travelled to Chile to visit this family, she saw the poor labie so sad, skinny and alone, she was furious. The lady arrived and was surprised, Apolo didn´t like her, she told my mom he was a bad boy and how she made him obey. My mom was horrified and made her to leave the house and forced his parents to bring him to me. He need a pawsport and lots of papers, that same week his mom took him and after 7 hours driving and crossing The Andes, he got home in March, 2010.

Apolo was traumatized and refused to eat. He was 12 kilos (25 pounds) under his weight. He didn´t know how to socialize. He spent the first hours growling at Tommy and he peeded on him, Tommy only wanted to play with him. After a couple of hours he was a happy boy and they didn´t sleep playing all night. He helped Tommy to behave a bit better, just a bit….🙄

Poly had serious issues eating, he refused to eat, for weeks I woke up earlier and sat next to him, waiting he wanted to eat. But, the thing was that he didn´t want Tommy stole his food either, and that was the key, he started eating just to avoid the naughty beagle stole his food.

In 2012 Pruny was born and Poly became the most protective uncle in the world❤. She loved him and they were inseparable. They had lot of fun.

Pruny didn´t live much and Poly was sad after she passed away in 2015. His siblings helped him to feel better and they had many adventures. Poly had a happy life.

He was a great uncle for Alfie too, when Tommy went OTRB he started with the eating issues again but when Alfie arrived home, he started eating again and was a happy uncle for the second time.

He was truly an angel. He won his wings on 10th May, but I think he always had wings, can you see them?

We are going to miss our Polybug, but now he is with his loved Pruny. Run free my sweet boy.🌈❤🐞

Making ladybugs

I´m going to explain how I make ladybugs. From now on any pups who wants to wear a bug can be part of the #BeaglebugClub. Please remember that for every bug I send a donation to a doggie charity is made. Please try to help other doggies and NEVER buy a ladybug like this one, I never sold them.


Red and black felt; thread (black, red and invisible); scissors; velcro; plastic eyes, ring hair band; needle, fleece and glue.

  1. Cut 3 circles of black felt (4 cm/1.5 in) and two red pieces (see photo 6 cm/2.1 in). Cut the ring hair band in the middle and the velcro (5 cm/2 in).

2. Put the edges of the velcro together and then, make a ring. This ring has to be big enough to put the dog collar through it.

3. Sew the velcro to one black felt circle.

4. Tie a knot to each band.

5. Cut the band but not the cover.

6. Sew with invisible thread the cover of the band and then sew them to the circle with the velcro

7. Sew two circles leaving the “right side” inside, in this case the right side is the velcro. Start sewing at the velcro height and finish at the same height in the opposite side.

8. Cut the little part that is not sewed. Then, flip the circles inside out, so the “right side” is now on the outside.

8.Insert the 3rd felt circle inside and sew it leaving an opening on the bottom.

9. Insert the fleece and fill in the body of the ladybug.

10. Notice that the red wings has to be a little bigger than the black body.

11. Embroider a line in the middle and the little dots on each side.

12. Sew the wings leaving the “right side” inside.

13. Flip the wings inside out, so the “right side” is now on the outside and sew the top of the wings.

14. Sew the wings with the body. Make sure the line is in the middle of the body. Notice that the wings only have to be sewed to the black fold.

15. Once the whole body of the ladybug is sewed glue the eyes.

16. Now the ladybug is ready your pup can wear it proudly. Please share your photos using the hashtag #BeaglebugClub on Twitter. I´m sure you can improve the bugs and tell me the best way to make them better. If you make your own bug and want to be part of the club, please let me know!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Love auntie C.

Angel Millie

Millie went OTRB last 23rd March. She was around 14 and lived happily for 11 years with her pawrents and Mason a lab rescued beagle. She taught him well to be a beagle and they shared happy moments.

Our hearts are with her family and her boyfriend Marco Polo #Milco. Rest in peace sweet girl.

Angel Boot

Boot went over the Rainbow Bridge on 4th February, he was 15 years young and he has left a huge hole in his pawrents´hearts and all his friends as well.

Bootie was known as the anipal whisperer, he was such an especial pup, so calm, so lovely. I had the honour of meeting him 2 years ago. There were rumours about Boot and the sheepies on the hills, it was said that he kissed a sheep and he liked it, but I know nothing!🤫

Boot was Charley’s brother, they had great adventures together. Now they are finally reunited OTRB. After Charley left us, Boot could teach his new rescued brother all the secrets of the hills.

Bootie couldn’t walk well the last years but he kept going on adventures on his chariot. And he didn’t give up and attended to hydrotherapy to keep his paws going.

Run free sweetie Boot, you are going to be deeply missed. Griff is going to take care of mom and dad and all your anipals on the hill.


Two years ago today Alfie came to my life. I work at the University that it’s usually closed during January for Summer holidays, until the academic year starts on the first Monday of February. We keep going to the Institute as we work with crops. On Friday 1st February a couple of coworkers told me, there is a new dog near the guards, but it’s disgusting, nobody wants to get close, we are sure you can help him. I went to the car park and saw him, he was skinny and his face couldn’t be seen as he was full of ticks. He also had mange, all his body was seriusly damage. I went to the vet near there during luch time and bought a tick med for and fed him. Guards told me he barely walks and can be hit by a car here (Not pics from that day, it was really awful).

During the weekend I visited him. The ticks fell off but he was sad and weak. Guards told me again, it’s dangerous that he doesn’t move and lies down under cars. On Monday, the 4th the class were starting.

That Monday I arrived and tried to take him near the place I work but he kept going back to the car park. A couple of hours later I went to check how he was and he had been hit by a car. I couldn’t find him, he was liying on the grass, crying in pain. I called our vet and sent him a photo. He told me you have to take him to vet, he could die for the shock. We run to vet and it wasn’t so bad, his leg was swollen but not broken and he couldn’t walk but vet told me that he was so sad and so overwhelmed that he could die because he was giving up. Due to his mange it was dangerous for the pups that I took him home, but it was the only way he didn’t feel alone😔.

Vet gave me meds for mange. He coulnd’t be in touch with the other pups. He needed baths to recover and a full tummy would help him too.

I started posting his pics on FB looking for a forever home for him. He was so bad looking that nobody liked him😕. I kept sharing pics, but poor thing, his condition didn’t help. Little by little he started feeling better, he could walk and was starving. A couple of days later, suddenly I found out that Cata’s babies (her toys) weren’t on the box/bed, all the toys had been stolen and were on the yard. He was so skinny that he could get inside through the bars. Pups are wise, they weren’t interested in see him they ignored him and they weren’t curious.

From one moment to another he started to get inside without being seen, and from one day to another he appeared on the babies bed, sleeping with them. The mange was already over, and it wasn’t contagious but he didn´t have half of his fur.

At the end of February I left home to visit our pals in Europe, pups stayed with grandma. Only when Alfie started to feel better Poly was interested in him and they started playing. Poly had been sad after Tommy went OTRB, and he wasn’t interested in food. When Alfie started playing with him, he was interested in food again and was much more lively. Cata as usual ignored him as she ignores everybody.

When I came home I found a completely different doggie, he had fur on his body. Vet had told me that his mange had been so bad that he was pretty sure he wouldn’t have fur again. Alfie is a playful dog, full of energy, full of love, he is my shadow. Sometimes I think that Tommy sent him to me. He loves Poly, and since Pam came home (that’s another story) he is so happy, because she can play and run for hours, and Poly can’t because he is and old labie.

I think he is so lively now because he didn´t have a happy puppyhood. He loves stealing Cata’s babies, and he loves playing with Kongs. He can be annoying sometimes for the oldies but now Pam is here, all seems a bit better.

If you have the chance to help or adopt a dog, don’t think too much, you will only get love from them. It´s amazing how they can change and leave behind all the abuse and sadness. Sometimes won’t be easy at the beginning but it will be worth it!

Angel Fred

Our dear beaglebug Fred went OTRB last Friday 22nd January 😢. Our hearts are broken, and we send our ❤ to his pawrents.

Fred got his bug in 2016 🐞

Fred was a lively pup, he had a very important job, he was the mascot of the Nidda parkrun in Germany.

His pawrents were going to get married last year but it had to be postponed due to pandemia and he was going to be the best dog😔. He was excited about the news!

He had a great life, he travelled a lot with his pawrents, and he visited different countries. He enjoying beagling and being petted at the park.

Run free sweet boy, you are going to be missed❤🐞🌈.