Angel Millie

Millie went OTRB last 23rd March. She was around 14 and lived happily for 11 years with her pawrents and Mason a lab rescued beagle. She taught him well to be a beagle and they shared happy moments.

Our hearts are with her family and her boyfriend Marco Polo #Milco. Rest in peace sweet girl.

Angel Boot

Boot went over the Rainbow Bridge on 4th February, he was 15 years young and he has left a huge hole in his pawrents´hearts and all his friends as well.

Bootie was known as the anipal whisperer, he was such an especial pup, so calm, so lovely. I had the honour of meeting him 2 years ago. There were rumours about Boot and the sheepies on the hills, it was said that he kissed a sheep and he liked it, but I know nothing!🤫

Boot was Charley’s brother, they had great adventures together. Now they are finally reunited OTRB. After Charley left us, Boot could teach his new rescued brother all the secrets of the hills.

Bootie couldn’t walk well the last years but he kept going on adventures on his chariot. And he didn’t give up and attended to hydrotherapy to keep his paws going.

Run free sweetie Boot, you are going to be deeply missed. Griff is going to take care of mom and dad and all your anipals on the hill.


Two years ago today Alfie came to my life. I work at the University that it’s usually closed during January for Summer holidays, until the academic year starts on the first Monday of February. We keep going to the Institute as we work with crops. On Friday 1st February a couple of coworkers told me, there is a new dog near the guards, but it’s disgusting, nobody wants to get close, we are sure you can help him. I went to the car park and saw him, he was skinny and his face couldn’t be seen as he was full of ticks. He also had mange, all his body was seriusly damage. I went to the vet near there during luch time and bought a tick med for and fed him. Guards told me he barely walks and can be hit by a car here (Not pics from that day, it was really awful).

During the weekend I visited him. The ticks fell off but he was sad and weak. Guards told me again, it’s dangerous that he doesn’t move and lies down under cars. On Monday, the 4th the class were starting.

That Monday I arrived and tried to take him near the place I work but he kept going back to the car park. A couple of hours later I went to check how he was and he had been hit by a car. I couldn’t find him, he was liying on the grass, crying in pain. I called our vet and sent him a photo. He told me you have to take him to vet, he could die for the shock. We run to vet and it wasn’t so bad, his leg was swollen but not broken and he couldn’t walk but vet told me that he was so sad and so overwhelmed that he could die because he was giving up. Due to his mange it was dangerous for the pups that I took him home, but it was the only way he didn’t feel alone😔.

Vet gave me meds for mange. He coulnd’t be in touch with the other pups. He needed baths to recover and a full tummy would help him too.

I started posting his pics on FB looking for a forever home for him. He was so bad looking that nobody liked him😕. I kept sharing pics, but poor thing, his condition didn’t help. Little by little he started feeling better, he could walk and was starving. A couple of days later, suddenly I found out that Cata’s babies (her toys) weren’t on the box/bed, all the toys had been stolen and were on the yard. He was so skinny that he could get inside through the bars. Pups are wise, they weren’t interested in see him they ignored him and they weren’t curious.

From one moment to another he started to get inside without being seen, and from one day to another he appeared on the babies bed, sleeping with them. The mange was already over, and it wasn’t contagious but he didn´t have half of his fur.

At the end of February I left home to visit our pals in Europe, pups stayed with grandma. Only when Alfie started to feel better Poly was interested in him and they started playing. Poly had been sad after Tommy went OTRB, and he wasn’t interested in food. When Alfie started playing with him, he was interested in food again and was much more lively. Cata as usual ignored him as she ignores everybody.

When I came home I found a completely different doggie, he had fur on his body. Vet had told me that his mange had been so bad that he was pretty sure he wouldn’t have fur again. Alfie is a playful dog, full of energy, full of love, he is my shadow. Sometimes I think that Tommy sent him to me. He loves Poly, and since Pam came home (that’s another story) he is so happy, because she can play and run for hours, and Poly can’t because he is and old labie.

I think he is so lively now because he didn´t have a happy puppyhood. He loves stealing Cata’s babies, and he loves playing with Kongs. He can be annoying sometimes for the oldies but now Pam is here, all seems a bit better.

If you have the chance to help or adopt a dog, don’t think too much, you will only get love from them. It´s amazing how they can change and leave behind all the abuse and sadness. Sometimes won’t be easy at the beginning but it will be worth it!

Angel Fred

Our dear beaglebug Fred went OTRB last Friday 22nd January 😢. Our hearts are broken, and we send our ❤ to his pawrents.

Fred got his bug in 2016 🐞

Fred was a lively pup, he had a very important job, he was the mascot of the Nidda parkrun in Germany.

His pawrents were going to get married last year but it had to be postponed due to pandemia and he was going to be the best dog😔. He was excited about the news!

He had a great life, he travelled a lot with his pawrents, and he visited different countries. He enjoying beagling and being petted at the park.

Run free sweet boy, you are going to be missed❤🐞🌈.

A different year

We all know that this year was anything but a good year for most of us. We had to stay at home, wear masks, work from home, some of us lost a family member, others lost their jobs or lost their dear pups. This year was like a science fiction movie where all humans were the cast. We never thought about not being allowed to travel, or don´t find toilet paper at the stores🙄. Zoom, PJs, sanitizer and wet wipes became our best friends. For sure we all want to forget 2020 and have a much better 2021.

Photo taken in April

For pups this year was surprising, their humans were at home during the day, and at the beginning was amazing, they have helped us with work, but then, have suffered nap interruptions because pawrents were there all day!🙄

We missed meeting grandpawrents, and family living in other places, simple things like hugs or meetings became something extraordinary. Our grandpa passed away during the lockdown and not funerals were allowed at that time. Our minds are with those who lost a relative during this year, especially Noodle’s family❤😢. Thank Dogness doggie hugs and kisses were allowed and that saved us of a mental break down.

The good part of the 2020 was that people started cooking and baking compulsively, many breads, cakes and cookies were made during the first months of the lockdown, then they got bored and started doing crafwork. Personally, I embroidered many things and learned how to sew with the sewing machine. Moreover, tons of series were watched and books were read . We are all thankful for Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Each country managed the quarentine different. Not comments about polítics 🙄. At last the elections are over, we were sick and tired of people arguing and posting agressive thoughts. According to the place where we live, we had different restrictions. In our country everything was done in the wrong way😬. Now we are worried for our friends in Europe. Sadly the situation hasn’t finished, but we wish this finished soon 🙏🏻🙏🏻.

Please stay safe. Take care of yourselves phisically and mentally. To be honest this virus has affected me a lot, I have had big sads for many reasons, and that’s why I haven’t posted many things. One of reasons that made me feel sad was not being able to help stray doggies as I used to help. I only helped 2 dogs this year, Blanco who appeared during lockdown and neighbours helped me to feed him, now he has been adopted. The other dog was Pam.

I took this pic a year ago, and at the biginning of the quarantine she came home with us, I was worried she wasn’t fed at the University. She was adopted the day the lockdown started by a couple but after many months of restrictions she stayed with us 😳. She is full of fears and love, but little by little she is becoming a normal dog, and as a normal dog understand a spoiled and naughty doggie.

Santa Paws is coming tomorrow, please try to not be naughty, I know it’s difficult for hounds but it’s worth it. 😉 And those who lost a pup this year, I know Christmas is a difficult time but I believe that they are having a big pawty OTRB with hundreds of squeaky toys and tons of treats. 🌈

Merry Christmas🎄 and Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉. Stay safe and please don’t eat too much 🤣.

Angel Jasper

Jasper went over the rainbow bridge last Wednesday, 9th September. He had been waiting for a surgery to make his smile even more beautiful but he had some complications and couldn´t make it through them.

He is going to be deeply missed by his mom, his grandma, auntie, Lily his sister and all the TwitterPack. His smile made everybody smile. Now he is with his sister Daphne, who went OTRB in 2018, and all his pals.

Jasper was a proud bug, he wore his bug all the time. His ladybug looked huge on him, I didn´t realized he was so tiny when I sewed his bug.

Run free sweet boy, your sweet smile will be missed.


Oliver is a tiny pup, who has arrived home today. This day has been waited for the TwitterPack for weeks. During the first week of June Gracie Mae went over the rainbow bridge, she left her family too soon and their were heartbroken, they thought that life just was not been the same without a beagle, and Roscoe, her brother, was not as happy as he used to be. So they thougth that a companion would be good for him. After some some time they connected a woman who has beagles and she had a litter due to be born in a couple weeks.

When the puppies were born, the lady sent photos to Gracie´s mom and of 4 boys and said she could pick one, she had an emotional response to one.

When she looked again to the photo of this especial little one, she noticed something behind him, above his little paw there was a ladybug. There were no more doubts, was him!

When I saw the photo for the first time I didn´t notice the bug, there was a beagle puppy that had all my attention. Then auntie W told me, look again! Then I noticed the ladybug and cried, and then saw the Winnie Pooh. I used to call Pruny, my little girl, baby Pooh. When I saw this I knew Gracie Mae and Pruny were sending signs. This boy must be especial for sure!

The weeks were so long until Oliver could go home but that day finally arrived, was today! All the aunties and uncles around the world were excited for his arrival. But today wasn´t just another day, it was especial for another reason, Charley, a dear pal fron UK, went OTRB on 6th September. So if more signs are needed to know that this boy was sent to make his family, and all the pack happier after all the thigs that have happened this year, this is one saving grace of this weird year!

We hope Oliver expresses his beagle self soon, well…. not all… because you know how beagles are… N.A.U.G.H.T.Y.


This idea started months ago, we all know that Raffa was special and also her mom and when she went OTRB we thought something special and big was needed to honor her memory. Auntie J and Raffa started their memory garden when Pruny passed away in 2015, and since then every time a pup from the pack wins his/her wings they added a stone to their garden.

We thought we could do the same for auntie J and Raff, every pal, every pup, every auntie or uncle could make a stone for Raffa and take it to their favorite place, we all live in different cities, different countries, different continents, so there would be Raffa Rocks around the world.

It was difficult to keep the secret for so long. We went through a Pandemia, lockdowns, and we lost dear pals in the middle. Nevertheless, the surprise continued and we think it worked, because auntie J didn´t know anything until yesterday. On 21st July Raffa would be 14, that was the best date to reveal the surprise. It was thought that her mom could be a bit overwhelmed with all the tweets, so we decided to wait until 9 p.m. (UK time).

Curfew and her dad had to wake up early

When the date was closer everybody started painting their stones, wasn´t easy for most of us, which kind of paint should be used, Was varnish necessary? How many pics should be posted? What do we do if the pups don´t pose nicely? Where do we get the ladybugs? Where do I get a nice stone? We all were worried about our stones, they were too small, too big, or too simple. Everybody did a great job and some aunties who paint made amazing stones.

Well, many of us had to change plans due to the lockdown, since some places were closed or people were not allowed there. We all had the perfect picture in our minds and we know well that hounds are not easy if food is not involved. Most of us could have taken 1000 of pics and none of them looked as the one we had in mind.

Finally it was time to post our photos using the hashtag #RaffaRocks, auntie J might not have undestood completely what was going on at the beginning. Then the nice stories of the places and stones were revealed on each tweet. Here are some examples:

Bella’s favorite place in her garden

Raffa was a special pup and she deserved all our effort as well as her mom. We had lot of fun making this. Some stones will be treasured in our gardens, some stones will be left in a different place when things in the world are less crazy and we hope other people from now on, who enjoyed Raffa´s adventures, join to this idea and leave #RaffaRocks in the place they love most, in a near future we could find a RaffaRock on our walks #YNWA😉.

Angel Gracie

Gracie Mae went over the rainbow bridge on 8th June. Our hearts broke when we heard about the news of her passing after fighting hard for a week. She will be missed by all her pals and especially for her family, because she was a sassy, loud and expresive beagle girl.

(3 photos)

Gracie was a trend setter with her #Gracieball, #Earstyle, and she was the queen of the #Stinkyeye, but she also was a model of toy exploding, and how tell everybody off (especially that coonhound neighbour), or tell secrets to her friends that won´t be reveal.

Gracie made everybody laugh with her posts, she kicked her basset brother butt everytime she thought it was necessary and sang beautiful songs for her friends and aunties. Among her hits were “Uptown Funky Butt” and “Boot kissed a sheep”, she was better know as the Beagyonce of the TwitterPack, she for sure had a lot say everyday.

She worked hard with her mom and brother visiting houses of potential basset pawrents, and she did a great job every time she was on duty.

Gracie was one of the first bugs in the Beaglebug Club, she wore proudly her bug everywhere she went, looking pawgeous and pfffffting everyone who asked if she was Roscoe´s mom.🙄🙄

Dexter and Curfew, two or her pals have written beautiful and touching words about Gracie and made a lovely video. We wanted to remember Gracie Mae with a smile because she made us smile with each of her posts and her unique sense of humor. This is a Gracie´s classic:

Run free beautiful girl, you will be deeply missed angel Gracie. Arrrooooooooo!❤🐞

Now a few words from her pals:

Gracie was the funniest pal. Everyone loved her x rip (Tink)

Gracie was my first beagle follow on Twitter. Her sassiness and humor (or Wendy!s) was similar to my own. I would always check her account to see what she was up to and she introduced me to all my friends all over the world. But I did not break the 4th wall to DM for awhile. Wendy was my first. I dipped my paw into the water (which a beagle would never do!) and asked her a question. And the world changed for me personally.

We didn’t talk often—it was usually when  another Bug went OTRB which has been too often these days or a member is in having major issues as this group usually with Wendy leading the charge

About a year and half ago, Wendy put out the call for raffle tickets to support her beloved Basset Hound rescue-NEBHR—and I purchased a couple. (BTW I really never ever win anything and promptly forgot about it). A couple weeks later, Wendy posted the hilarious video of Roscoe slobbering and picking out my ticket. The video alone was worth it. I received a lovely bag and other gifts. But there was a very special item….a stuffed basset. I had recently found a similar one as a beagle and once I saw the basset the beagle had a striking resemblance to Gracie. So we named them Gracie Mae and Roscoe “floppy ears”(my one concession)    I don’t talk about Brayden much as that was the deal when he was born-limit his exposure on social media as much as possible. I am going to break the rule. Brayden is a very sweet sensitive kiddo. He loves Legos, pirates, and the poor kid is stuck with 2 old parents and two crazy hounds. He also adores stuffed animals. He has every animal you can find and it totals about 100. Dogs play a primary role (of course!) but there are only three that are essential. His “Rufus” which is a blue dog he has had since birth and Roscoe and Gracie. This has been since they arrived. Prior to this only Rufus has this exalted position.

Over the past year and half, I personally have had some dark moments. And every time Brayden will bring me Gracie to comfort me.

Gracie and Roscoe will always have a place of honor in my house. Run free, our sweet, sassy, loud, very loved girl—go teach those pals how it’s done.  We will always love and miss you.

Sabrina-Bella and Bentley’s mom

Pups don’t know how much they mean for their pawrents

This is a story written by Walter’s mom about her relationship with sweet Walter.

Like so many, this pandemic and quarantine have been hard for me. So many of the things I enjoy are not available to me right now. When I turn on the news, it’s sickness and death. I miss my family and friends with a physical ache. And my anxiety and depression are worse than they have been in years. But one thing has helped me through: my dog. And like all beagle owners across the globe, I know for a fact that my dog is the best, sweetest, most wonderful dog in the world. 

For those who don’t know, I adopted Walter a little over a year ago from a shelter in my area. He was surrendered at age 7 by a family who loved him but couldn’t care for him anymore. He was obese, grumpy-looking, and lazy, and I loved him instantly. We worked on the obesity (though he’s still grumpy-looking and lazy). He also has the biggest heart, and infinite patience with me – neither of which has been more evident than in these quarantine times. 

I thought at first I wouldn’t mind a quarantine. I like being home, and I’m pretty introverted. My favorite activities are reading good books and drinking good wine, usually simultaneously. But it’s been so hard to be positive lately, and somehow the fact that I CAN’T go anywhere means it’s all I want to do.

Even though I don’t feel like I do anything all day, I’m often exhausted by the evening. But Walter loves me. He spends the entire day in the recliner in my “office” (really the living room), and just snoozes while I’m working. I know he thinks I’m boring, and my job doesn’t involve nearly enough bacon for his liking, but every day he waits for me. And as soon as I am ready for him, he is ready for me. Some days the only walk he gets is a free sniff around the yard, and he’s still happy. If I don’t bother showering, or if I wear pajamas all day long, he still loves me. If I haven’t had the energy to clean the house, well, all the more things for him to stick his snout into!

Aside from my trips to the grocery store, we’ve barely spent a minute apart in two and a half months. He hangs out with me while I plant flowers. He curls up on the couch with me while I’m reading. And every week during my remote video therapy sessions, he sits quietly at my side, allowing me to stroke his velvety ears or hug him or cry into his fur. His presence gives me a reason to go on. His smiles give me something to look forward to. His mischief breaks up the endless monotony. And his love is a simple, unconditional, and steady guiding light when everything feels so dark.

In a world where so much is unsure, the love between me and Walter is the constant certainty that I need.

Like Walter and his mom’s story, there are many stories about how much a little pup could help a person to bright their lives and we will always be grateful for that to them.❤🐞