Little George

One rainy Sunday afternoon on Facebook his parents saw a tiny beagle looking for his forever home. The details didn’t reveal much except “he hadn’t lived in a home, he wasn’t housetrained, and he didn’t make any noise”. He spent nearly 3 years in a laboratory and they started experimenting on him at 4 weeks old. By Sunday evening his parents were desperate to be adopted by this tiny sad boy. They were prepared for the no house training.

After a couple of days his family could meet him. They took Eddie, his beagle brother, on a Sunday to a neutral place to meet. Eddie was doing what a normal 1 year old does and did the “bowing, come and play with me howl”. George was petrified. He had no idea and refused to be taken off the lead and leave his  foster mum´s legs. After 20 minutes Eddie won him round and they sort of played.


George was taken to his new home and his parents think it was the best thing they’d ever done. They’d just started a beagle field/meets, 5 acres enclosed.  For 3 months George walked the perimeter.  He had no idea of space. No idea of what beagle play was, he thought that was aggression. He took months to approach anyone, human touch meant pain. 


Week by week he realised these hoomans are really nice and love him!  It’s gone from strength to strength and he continues to become more beagle like by the day thanks to his Bro Eddie and his buddies. All of them helped George to be living his best life ever.


(5 photos)

George  is now a happy bug and along with his brother are the managers of the beagle field and I had the honour to have met him.


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Angel Bella

Sadly Bella left us on 15th September, our hearts are broken, she will be missed by all her pals but now she is running free OTRB.
Bella was the first bassetbug and she wore proudly her ladybug.


Great singer, avi maker, diva and BAB lawyer, she did a lot for the rest of us.

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Rest in peace sweet girl



Do you remember when or why you created a Twitter account for your pup? This week was our 5th anniversary on Twitter. I remember watching the news and they were talking about a dog of famous presenter that had a Twitter account so I decided to create an account for Pruny, since my own account was boring🙄.
Dogs, mostly beagles at the beginning, started following her. They were from all over the world. Then other breeds and even a bunny started talking to us. These pups became our pals, and from a moment to another their families became part of our family.
But how could you explain to other person what the TwitterPack is? I have had questions like:
Is just a group of people who like dogs? Is crazy people talking as they were dogs? Why do you get cards are presents for your dogs? Why are you worried for a dog that you don´t even know? Are you going to meet people that you don´t know in real life just because they have a beagle?
But here you have a couple of ways to explain what the TwitterPack is:
“The twitter pack is very special because we welcome all animals from all over the world! We celebrate in times of joy, and we comfort when one of us is suffering. And we never forget our friends who have made their journey over the rainbow bridge”.
“Bugs are a family we choose—we support and care about one another. I consider all of the Bugs an extension of my family. Even though I will probably not meet most-I love all the bugs and their families”.
“The bug club/pack are always there to share the laughter and good times as well as the tough times. True friends”.
“There are many things that make the pack so special to me, but the biggest is how great everyone was when my pup died. Twitter felt like a safe space where I could grieve and talk about how much I missed and loved her, and nobody thought I was overreacting or tried to tell me she was “just a dog”. I truly don’t know how I’d have gotten through that time without the pack. Even though it’s been over 6 months, I still post about her sometimes, and the unquestioning, unwavering support is there just as much as it was on the first day”.
The TwitterPack is generous, once we raised money and bought a corner of the Beagle Freedom Project building, to help to release beagles from labs. Moreover the pack is supportive and when some pup or pawrents need support, the rest of the group is there with a tweet, a card a message or the powerful beaglesocks or pawprayers. Every time a pup has gone OTRB, the rest have been there and people start working fast to make sure the family gets a present to remember their loved pup and the rest of the money is donated to a charity. Lot of money has been donated to help other pups in need. Most of pawrents who have lost a pup and after my own experience would tell you that without the support of the group the pain of losing their pups would have been much worse.


(2 photos)

The TwitterPack is where you feel safe and makes you feel that good people still exist in the world. It´s where you can forget about real life problems and get some fun with our pals´ adventures. Not telling names, but beagles rolling on stinky spots or a certain basset who always steal bread and cuppycakes from his mama or a certain beagle girl from Oz who is always stealing things from her mom is funny and makes you laugh, after you are sure they are OK.
From the TwitterPack people who live close have made close friends “in real life” and frequently meet up. From the others who live not so close we have learned about their countries and cultures, getting to know how they live and the beautiful places where they go on holidays or for a walk. And that has made that some pawrents want to go on holiday to a place they wouldn´t have considered before and arrange a tweet-up with their pals, and once you meet them you realize that you feel as you have known that person your whole life


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TwitterPack is family and if other people can´t understand or they think we are crazy, well we all are a bit crazy….


Oggy, from a lab to a lovely home

All the bugs in the Beaglebug Club are especial, but some bugs have an interesting story that you might not know.

This is the story of Oggy, he was a lab beagle, known as Pablo on his passport, flew into the UK from Hungary. He was driven to Manchester overnight and released at 7 a.m. the next day, the 31st October 2015.

His mom, auntie S, found out about the release whilst she was having dinner with some friends. One of them mentioned something in passing about a total of  4 boys being released and she jumped all over it.

He had been due to fly into the UK on 2 previous flights but various issues in Hungary had delays. When it was confirmed he was actually on a flight his mom was on holiday in Scotland with her family. Immediately she packed up and drove home.

Out of the 4 boys, 3 were siblings and one was 3 years old. Initially auntie S said she would have the older boy. But when she arrived in Manchester the morning of the release she went to see them all in kennels. Oggy was sat at the back of his kennel looking utterly broken and scared. She crouched down and slowly he came towards her. That was the moment when the magic happened!

Auntie S thought “this one has picked me, he’s asking for my help”.  She looked up and told the lady that runs Unite to Care that she would take “this one”. She asked if auntie S was sure as he had been the most timid and was only 18 months old. She didn’t even think about it, she just said yes. The lady later told auntie S that Oggy had stayed at the back of his kennel all night even when staff went in to feed him and she had been the only person he had walked towards. And since that day they have an extraordinary bond between them.

(3 photos)

When he got home, it wasn´t easy for him or his mom. Oggy was afraid of everything! Any noise, the TV, strange people, other dogs, the outside, even food. He related food with the awful things people in the lab did it to him. Auntie S had to sit on the floor and beg him to eat, until she put the food on her hand and he started trusting in her. It wasn´t easy and auntie S had lot of patience but now she says that watching his development and being a part of his journey of recovery has been the single most rewarding thing she has ever done.

After 3,5 years he still deal with some issues, like travelling in the car but he has definitely learned how to be a proper beagle. He loves food, sniffing on his walks wearing proudly his bug, playing with his siblings, cuddle his humans, chew his Nylabones or play with his ducky.

(3 photos)

I had the honor to meet Oggy last March and all his lovely family. Just looking at him you know he has a sweet soul. He let me cuddle him, he got close and did a kind of reverse parking until he sat on my lap and gave me a hand wash with kisses. He took me on a walk and showed me beautiful places until he pretended to be scared of a gate and I had to carry him down the hill. As he is a pocket beagle I tried to put him inside my backpack and bring him home but auntie S was watching closely. Pfffft!

(2 photos)

Now look at him enjoying his holidays in the beach! This is the result of lot of love and hard work after all these years!

(3 photos)

Oggy didn´t know about love and he had to learn about it and many other things. He needed time and patience.Thank Dog he found the best mom and family.  All pups deserve love and a family and we hope other pups like Oggy be released and find a home until the last cage is empty.

(2 photos) Oggy before and after

El efecto Flipper (see the translation below)

Yo se que este blog tiene otro objetivo, pero durante la última semana he pensado tanto que hacer que se me ocurrió escribir algo, no se cuantas personas lo leerán pero necesito contar esto que pasa.

Yo amo los perros, cuido a los míos mejor de lo que mucho padres cuidan a sus hijos. Al estar en grupo internacional de perros beagles (y otros perros mas) fui tomando conciencia. Yo tuve 2 perros epilépticos, si 2!! Me uní a un grupo escocés de ayuda a beagles epilépticos y al ver como funcionaba, traté de armar algo a nivel local. Formé un grupo de Facebook de beagles y me llevé la sorpresa (o no) de que acá todo era distinto. El objetivo del grupo estaba claro, compartir experiencias de los beagles, ayudar, apoyar si alguien lo necesitaba, ubicar a los beagles de los que a los 6 meses un año se quieren deshacer porque los venden y compran sin informarse de como es la raza (fue asi como yo obtuve a mis beagles de “segunda mano”), etc. El grupo comenzó a llenarse de gente que quería lucrar, Busco novia, busco novio, vendo cachorros era todo lo que la gente posteaba. Le buscaban novia a un cachorro de 7 meses, o novia a una perra que había parido al menos 3 veces. Me generaba mucha bronca, impotencia, luchaba contra los que querían vender cosas, y la gente que me mandaba mensajes diciéndome que no podía bloquear a nadie, que mientras mas mejor! Entre tanto perdí a mi perra, no recibía apoyo, sino todo lo contrario, reproches por no estar tan presente. Tomé la decisión de salirme del grupo que yo había creado por mi propio bienestar. En contraste, el grupo internacional estuvo ahi para apoyarme.

Tuve al otro perro epiléptico, Tomás por 3 años más, y todo el tiempo pensaba que todo lo que habia leído, investigado, aprendido le podría servir a otros, que algo tenía que hacer, pero dada la experiencia anterior, nunca supe como.


y comencé donando un poco de plata a las cuentas de las rescatistas que tanto esfuerzo hacen y deben mucha plata en las veterinarias (las pocas que atienden a perros de la calle), tampoco sentía que era suficiente. Después comencé a bordar, y cuando me pidieron un par de cosas que había hecho decidí vender las cosas que hacia y donar esa plata.

Tiempo después en la Facultad donde trabajo empezaron a aparecer perros abandonados, una perra esquelética que había tenido cochorros, encontramos sus cachorros eran 9, un perro un poco malhumorado que tenia una infección que le ocupaba el cuello, tiempo después otro mas, después abandonaron cachorritos y así vienen y van perros sin dueño. A los que se quedaron yo traté de ayudarlos, así me di cuenta que había otra gente que hacia lo mismo, formamos como una red de perreros que los alimenta, cuida, o les da un poco de cariño.

En el verano apareció otro tan afectado por la sarna y las garrapatas que nadie se quería acercar. Traté de ayudarlo con pipetas y remedios. Al tercer día fue atropellado, se estaba dejando morir. Terminó en mi casa, nadie lo quiso adoptar así feo y enfermo como estaba, hoy vive conmigo recuperado.

Hace un par de semanas saliendo del trabajo, recibí un par de llamadas de un número desconocido, no contesté porque manejaba, me llamaban por que el perro malhumorado había sido atacado, se estaba desangrando, y nadie podía trasladarlo a una veterinaria. Me sentí muy culpable cuando lo supe, porque tal vez yo podría haberlo salvado si contestaba el teléfono.

Desde ese día me ocupé más de los otros, 2 eran inseparables, la mamá de los cachorros, ya recuperada y castrada y el último que llegó. Les compré abriguitos porque todas las noches al sacar a los míos al patio pensaba en ellos y el frío que pasan durmiendo a la intemperie. Todos los días pensaba en ellos y lo difícil que es encontrarle un hogar a perros adultos, que no son favorecidos con la belleza.

Al comenzar las vacaciones de invierno nos pusimos de acuerdo para darles de comer y cuidarlos, yo me ofrecí a ir durante el fin de semana largo. Llegué y Flipper ya no estaba, la perra estaba desesperada y desconsolada, me pareció raro porque ellos nunca se separaban. Lo busqué por todos lados, esperando que se hubiera ido con alguien, pasaron 2 semanas hasta que la gente de la facultad volvió a trabajar y fue encontrado flotando en una pileta de residuos, se dieron cuenta por el abriguito que yo le puse.

Yo lloré, me dio mucha rabia, traté de encontrar los responsables de que esa pileta estuviera así, abierta, sin cercar, a nadie le importó, total era un perro, al parecer el cuarto que sacan.

Durante noches no pude dormir, pensando en que yo podría haber hecho algo, haberlo salvado, no se. Pero después me di cuenta que yo puedo ayudar a un perro, dos o tres pero no alcanza, nunca es suficiente lo que hacen los rescatistas, la gente que no es indiferente al abandono y dolor animal. Comencé a filosofar y tratar de encontrar una solución, no pude. Como yo que me dedico a la ciencia voy a tener las herramientas para presentar un proyecto de ley, como yo que soy una NN voy a poder hacer algo contra el sistema, como yo que solo soy un voto voy a poder pedirle a los políticos, desde intendentes de la provincia Mendoza, gobernador, legisladores y hasta presidente que hagan algo y de una vez por todas para terminar con el lucro de perros de raza hasta el sufrimiento de perros de la calle que se siguen reproduciendo. Cómo yo puedo exponer y pedirle a la sociedad que reflexione en que le pasa a la condición humana que hay tanta maldad para abandonar a cachorros recién nacidos, golpear y maltratar animales o abandonar sin mirar atrás.

Por otro lado se que me si alguien de este país lee este post me puede decir, qué querés si hay niños que mueren de hambre, como no van a morir animales. Me lo dijo la monja directora del colegio a donde iba cuando era chica, a mi y mi familia, por qué gastan dinero en veterinaria por un perro, habiendo niños pobres que lo necesitan? …. No comments! Ojalá que esté con ese Dios que te dio tanta bondad en tu alma…

Estamos en época de elecciones, no vi un solo candidato hablando sobre este tema, ya se no hablan de ninguna propuesta y hay otras urgencias en este país, pero si usan un perro como estrategia de marketing en un spot de un presidente, alguno podría hacer algo. Pasaron años para que la ley de maltrato animal se modificara y no fue gracias a los señores legisladores que cobran grandes sueldos y no trabajan, fue gracias en gran parte a un conductor de televisión (Leo Montero) y personas que rescatan los que movieron y agitaron para que la ley se modificara.

Yo no puedo dormir pensando en el sufrimiento de algunos animales y resulta que los que tendría y podrían que hacer algo no lo hacen, castración, ayuda, sacar a los perros de la calle con un refugio, no se… algo. Lamentablemente creo que esto va a seguir asi, como todo en este país, mejor nunca, siempre peor.

Este blog es leído por gente desde Francia, Finlandia o Austria. Siempre lo escribí en inglés y siempre fue por y para los beagles y gente del grupo, pero lo llamativo es que en el grupo no hay gente de estos países, naturalizando que somos un grupo de amigos de Tailandia, Japón, Australia, Inglaterra, Alemania, Estado Unidos, Canadá, Holanda y yo la única sudaca. Para ellos todo esto es anormal, no lo pueden creer. Me gustaría que esta vez lo lea alguien de acá, un argentino que le cuente a otro y a ver si así lo lee alguien que pueda hacer algo o me diga que hacer y no seguir en esta desidia en la que vivimos!

Pido disculpas por esta forma de desahogarme, es la única forma que encontré de poder expresar la tristeza que me causa ver tanta maldad con seres que no se pueden defender. Yo no soy mejor que otras personas, hago mucho menos que lo que otras hacen por ayudar a los perros pero estoy haciendo una de las pocas cosas que puedo hacer, crear conciencia.



Translation (it might have lot of typos and mistakes)

I know that this blog has another objective, but during the last week I have thought so much what to do, then I thought that could write something, I don’t know how many people will read it but I need to tell what happens.

I am a dog lover, I take care of my dogs better than many parents take care of their children. Belonging to an international group of beagles (and others dogs) I became aware. I had 2 epileptic dogs, yes 2 !! I joined a Scottish group that helps epileptic beagles and seeing how it worked, I tried to start something locally. I made a Facebook group of beagles and I got the surprise (or not) that everything was different here. The objective of the group was clear, to share experiences of the beagles, to help, to support if someone needed it, to find the beagles 6 months to a year old that people want to get rid of them because they sell and buy them without any information of the breed and their behavior (That’s how I got my “second hand” beagles), etc. The group began to fill up with people who wanted to profit, I’m looking for a girlfriend, I’m looking for a boyfriend, I’m selling puppies, it was all that people posted. They were looking for a 7-month-old puppy’s a girlfriend, or a dog’s girlfriend that had given birth at least 3 times before.  I felt anger, helplessness, fought against those who wanted to sell things, and the people who sent me messages telling me that I couldn´t block anyone, the more the better! In the meantime I lost my dog, I received no support, but quite the opposite, I was tell off for not being present. I made the decision to leave the group that I had created for my own well-being. In contrast, the international group was there to support me.

I had the other epileptic dog, Tomás for 3 more years, and all the time I thought that everything I had read, researched, learned could be useful for others, that something had to be done, but given the previous experience, I never knew how.

Sometime ago I saw a post like this


and I started donating a little money to the accounts of rescuers, who make so much effort and owe a lot of money in vetes (the few that help street dogs), but didn’t feel it was enough. Then I started embroidering, and when someone asked me for a couple of things that I had done, I decided to sell the things I was making and donate that money.

Some time later in the University where work began to appear abandoned dogs, a skeletal dog that had had puppies, we found their puppies were 9, a slightly moody dog ​​that had an infection that occupied his neck, time later another one, then someone left Puppies and so, come and go dogs without an owner. To those who stayed, I tried to help them, so I realized that there were other people who did the same thing, we formed like a network of dog lovers that feed them, take care of them, or give them a little love.

In the summer another appeared so affected by scabies and ticks that nobody wanted to approach. I tried to help him with pipettes and meds. On the third day he was hit by a car, he was letting himself die. He ended up in my house, nobody wanted to adopt him as ugly and sick as he was, today he lives with me completely recovered.

A couple of weeks ago leaving work, I got a couple of calls from an unknown number, I didn’t answer because I was driving, they called me because the grumpy dog had been attacked, was bleeding, and nobody could take him to a vet. I felt so guilty when I knew it, maybe I could have saved it if I had answered the phone.

From that day on I took care of the others, 2 were inseparable, the mother of the puppies, already recovered and neutered and the last one that arrived. I bought them coats because every night when I take my dogs out to the yard I thought about them and the cold they have sleeping outside. Every day I thought about them and how difficult it is to find a home for adult dogs, who are not so pretty.

At the beginning of the winter holidays we made plans to feed them and take care of them, I offered to go during the long weekend. I arrived and Flipper was gone, the lady dog was desperate and disconsolate, it seemed strange because they  are never apart. I looked for him everywhere, hoping he had gone with someone. It took 2 weeks until the people of the University returned to work and he was found floating in a waste pool, they realized by the little coat I put him.

I cried, I was very angry, I tried to find someone responsible for a pool open, without fencing, nobody cared, it was just a dog, apparently the fourth they found.

I couldn’t sleep for nights, thinking that I could have done something, saved it, I don’t know. But then I realized that I can help a dog, two or three but it is not enough, it is never enough what rescuers do, people who are not indifferent to animal abandonment and pain. I started to philosophize and try to find a solution, I couldn’t. As a person who works in science I don´t have the tools to present a law project, how me a nobody, could be able to do something against the system, how me,  I am just a vote, I could be able to ask politicians, from the mayors of the Mendoza province, governor, legislators and even president that do something and once and for all to end the profit of  dog breeders, to the suffering of street dogs that keep reproducing. How could I expose and ask the society to think of what happen to the human condition that there is as much evil to abandon newborn puppies, beat and mistreat animals or leave them without looking back.

On the other hand, I know that if someone from this country reads this post can tell me, what do you want if there are children who are starving, how animals are not going to die. I was told off by the school nun where I  attended when  I was a girl, she asked to me and my mom, why do you spend money on vets medicine on a dog, with poor children in need? …. No comments! I hope she is with that God who gave her that  goodness in her soul …

We are in election time, I did not see a single candidate talking about this issue, they are not talking about any proposal and there are other urgencies in this country, but if they use a dog as a marketing strategy in a spot of a president, someone could do something. Years passed for the animal abuse law to be modified, and it was not thanks to the legislators who earn large salaries and do not work, it was thanks in large part was due to a television presenter (Leo Montero) and people who rescue dogs, who moved and agitated until the law was modified.

I can not sleep thinking about the suffering of some animals and it turns out that those who would have done and could do something don´t do it, castration, help, take the dogs from the street to a shelter, I do not know … something. Unfortunately I think this will continue like this, like everything in this country, better never, always worse.

This blog is read by people from France, Finland or Austria. I always wrote it in English and it was always by and for beagles and people of the group, but called my attention that any people of the  group are from these countries, naturalizing that we are a group of friends from Thailand, Japan, Australia, England, Germany , United States, Canada, Holland and I the only latin. For them, all this is not normal, they can’t believe it. I would like this time to be read by someone from here, an Argentinian who tells to another and see if someone can do something or tell me what to do.

I apologize for this way of telling my thoughts, it is the only way I found to express the sadness that causes me to see so much evil with beings that cannot defend themselves. I am doing one of the few things I can do, raise awareness.


Norty bugs

We all know that bugs are cute, sweet and lovely, some of them are more rufty tufty,  but there is other side of our loved bugs, the naughtiness.

Naughty (norty) bugs are waiting for the moment their humans are not paying attention and BOOM the norty side appears!

We are not giving names but we have many norty bugs in the 🐞 club, especially houds. Here we cite a few examples, most of them are consider norty according to humans 🙄 not bugs.

1. A bug who stole a dozen of cuppycakes, but he is a generous bug  and left one for his mama.

2. A bug that arooooing at the mailman, broke a big window. Thank Dogness he was delivering the Barkbox,  so our bug wasn’t scared after the big noise 📦.

3. A bug who stole the Ipaw of his human and buried it in a secret place, so his human could pay attention to him!

4. A bug who likes to climb to any kind of table or counter at home. What’s wrong with that🤔 he could see his manor from there!

4. A bug who likes to steal her hubro’s toys. Toys are toys!

5. We have many examples of bugs stealing food, right from the oven, the counter, the shop, the human’s plate or the grill! Food includes bananas, burgers, hot dogs, candies, sandwiches, cakes, bread and chips. Apawrently healthy food is not worth it, unless is stolen right from the plant.

6. Bugs who had chased other anipals like chickens or sheepies 🐏🐓.

7. Bugs who have 💧💧 or 💩💩 in a public place.

8. A bug who stole snacks that was supposed to be in souvenir bags of a tiny human’s Christening celebration.

9. Bugs who love eating snacks from the cat’s box.

10. Bugs who steal socks from the laundry. Socks are so yummy!

11. Bugs that have a taste for dirty tissues.

12. And I heard from a bug who loved eating money, opening the fridge, eating all kind of things, if they are wrapped, better, stealing the toilet paper, or opening the kibble bag.

It’s important to tell humans that there is nothing wrong with vocal bugs, or rolling on stinky places, selective deafness or pulling on walkies. That’s perfectly normal. And that their lives would be so boring without their norty bugs. So, please think of that next time your pup do something norty.

Finally we think that norty are baths, vet visits and meds inside food 😖.

(5 photos)

Note: All pictures shown are for illustration only 😉